Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wider Reading | Respect and Obey Authority.

On today's 'Cute Yet Terrifying' Silkwatch, we have a video featuring a bunch of sweet, talented American kids who've put together a band and written a song for us. They're called X-TReMe PoWeR. Well, isn't that adorable-

I don't know what to make of this. Really, I don't. Quite plausibly, it could be just an innocent song that's trying to express how kids should pay attention in class, and respect their parents, as the verses indicate... which case it's just bad luck that these precocious youngsters have written a chorus that sounds like something out of Barney the Dinosaur's Ministry of Love. This couldn't be the New World Order's most ingenious attempt yet to indoctrinate us all, could it? Next they'll be teaching fluffy kittens to mewl 'Doubt Leads To Heresy' at you as you tickle their bellies.

And it's actually kind of catchy, as well. O-B-E-Y...

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