Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wider Leaking | Okay, Just One More Wikileaks-Related Article, Then I'm Done.

As the title says - last one. I couldn't help but share the wonderful, wonderful quote from 'Coldblood', spokesperson for the Anonymous collective, who described his organisation today as "a Chaotic Good."

A delightful reminder that even the most ingenious of hackers are still colossal nerds, down to their very bones. I look forward to the inevitable discussions about Mastercard's Challenge Rating, Amazon's THAC0, and whether or not Joe Liebermann is overpowered in 4th Edition.

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  1. Glenn Beck (who, by the way, sounds more and more like Wallace Shawn every time I hear him) mentioned the 'Chaotic Good' thing on his show and spent much time obsessing over it. 'How can *Chaos* ever be *good*?'

    Dude, did you never play Dungeons & Dragons as a child? Inconceivable!