Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wider Listening | Free EP | Glittermouse

One of my favourite things is a podcast called Double Feature. Every week the two hosts, Michael Koester and Eric Ingrum, take two films (usually of a cult classic persuasion) and analyse them in a way which is less review based and more akin to close-reading. What ensues is always a valuable discussion and introduction to films which you have definitely watched before or probably need to go watch asap.

As it turns out, Michael from the show is also the singer of a band called Glittermouse... who are currently giving their new EP away for free. Before I downloaded it I assumed it would be pretty awful (I've learned to be sceptical of people with a violin d'Ingres ever since Billy Corgan tried to con me into thinking he could write poetry). God damn was I wrong though. Signs of Life is a superb little slice of Chicago rock.

Stop reading this and go listen to it.

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