Monday, 29 November 2010

Sideways | Introduction | The Importance of Being Sideways

SIR – Perhaps the penalty shoot-out should be taken before the match. This might help eliminate some of the negative tactics adopted by teams, particularly when the match goes into extra-time. The onus would be on the team that lost the shoot-out to be more attack-minded. The longer the match went on without them leading, the more open it would become.
Neil Hoad

(A letter from the Daily Telegraph’s correspondence pages)

Our heads are round to allow our thoughts to change direction.”
Francis Picabia, Dadaist

Let us on occasion, talk sideways, neologisms and debate definitions. Walk sideways, avoid traffic and find us in unusual alleyways. Shave sideways so our body-whiskers grow out un-habitually and experience the world around them differently. Think quite entirely sideways, for at that inexact and unlikely angle there can be a defeat of habit. You can start by thinking out of the corner of your brain.

Harringman James
Inkworms Silk

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