Monday, 16 August 2010

Heroes & Villains | Introduction | The Gadfly

Week 13 | Heroes & Villains | Contents

Tuesday | Poetry | Bromance Alert
Wednesday | Fiction | Mega Gil vs. Giant Friedrich 
Friday | Chapbook | Thra-koom, by Jon Stone

This week we will mostly be talking about Superheroes. Make sure you check back on Friday for the chapbook as we have a corker coming up from the brilliant Jon Stone.
Anyway superheroes, from classic comic books to forgettable movie remakes, the Superhero remains one of the most kick-ass characters you can create. Poetry superheroes are few and far between so I thought I'd have a go at creating one myself. I present 'The Gadfly'. Any ideas for super powers?

James Harringman


  1. Awesome.

    This poet needs some supervillains to fight, as well.

  2. I'd quite like to see it go toe to toe with 'The Masculine Rhyme' before it manages to unleash the cataclysmic 'End Stop Device' upon all human kind!

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