Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Ampersand Man - culinary variations thereof

The ampersand is an unambiguously beautiful fragment of typography (a LOGOGRAM indeed - read its actually-quite-interesting biography here) even when carved out of the most mediocre of fonts. That's why, I think (although you'll have to ask James - and I daresay he'll tell you it's more about the potential Metallica pun) our Ampersand Man is so important to us:
A man with an ampersand for a head is a poet. Is poetry, indeed. Just as Amanda Palmer, with an ampersand for a song, is a poet.

Anyway, some prodigiously talented illustrator called Dan Beckemeyer (hopefully the same Dan Beckemeyer as this Dan Beckemeyer) has used the excellent Behance Network as a platform for a set (menu?) of culinary variations on the ampersand. Which are, not to put to fine a point on it, supergreat. And as fellow followers of the ampersand, we felt obligated to share (hat-tip to the inexplicably Bombay Bicycle Club-bumming Fred Stevens-Smith for the original heads-up):

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