Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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Post 9/11,
is it possible to post
anything resembling
a postulate without

In this world of postal strikes
and lamp-post hangings
is there any point posting bail?
To be allowed to re-enter

Years after the last post,
when this poor planet’s
post-nuclear detonation
and some inquisitive alien
species floats over
to do the post-mortem
on the rubble, what
will they make of us?

In the postlapsarian age,
what will they make of this
post-Modern post?
Be gentle,
fickle posterity.

I am no imposter
(and have no repost).
I’ve no posterior motives
and have posed no threat.
I’ve no wish to postpone
the inevitable postcoital coyness.
I’m the post-op poster child
for the poseurs, post-dated
for posthumous obscurity.

What was I supposed to say?
My post-graduate was a posterized ploy
dreamt up by postilions and priests
– poorly signposted pratfalls.
Please, fresh postpartum parents
poised to provide,
practice your postprandial prayers
for the postmen,


Who was the last notch on your bed post?

Answers on a postcard.

-Phil Brown
Poetry Editor

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