Monday, 19 July 2010

Sex | Introduction | Excerpt from 'The Snail'

Week 9 | Sex | Contents

Tuesday | Poetry | Porn for Blind People
Wednesday | Fiction | Giant Words vs. Mega Sex
Saturday | Mixtape | Nick The Stripper As Reader

“The love darting is preceded by courtship; a six hour dance – it involves a biting of lips in the area scientists refer to as ‘the genital pore’, this, and the touching of tentacles. The love dart is barbed and made of chitinous snail-cartilage. As the snails approach, hydraulic pressure builds up in the blood sinus surrounding the organ housing the dart. Final maneuvers take place, bodies touch, darts are fired.

As you can imagine accidents have occurred – occasionally the dart will pierce the head or body entirely, popping out on the other side.”

‘How All Things Make Love, Volume S’ by, Wayward Lemon available from Nowhere & Never Press

James Harringman

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