Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bands to Listen to this Summer vol. 1 - Old Crow Medicine Show

There's nothing cool about Country and Western music. At least not here, in the city, where we're all too busy with our no-good, tam-sarn, dagnammit, fancy pants city life-styles with our iSpaces and FacePhones and la-di-da X-Pods.

But Old Crow Medicine Show are, without a doubt, effing cool. They are the sexy side of the Nashville bluegrass scene and hot-doggity-damn can they write a harmony. Sadly, their best album, O.C.M.S., is no longer available on Spotify, so you are just going to have to find another way of getting their best song, Wagon Wheel.

If you enjoy these guys, which you'd have to be some kinda varmint not to, then I recommend the london-based Penny Black Remedy for a punt.

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