Thursday, 4 August 2011

Silkworms Ink 2.0 Teaser #1

Silkworms Ink 2.0 Teaser from Philip Brown on Vimeo.

No, we aren't starting a series of Tom Waits assassinations, nor are we starting a series of dedications to Poetry Society interns or my girlfriend's new housemate (both of whom are lovely Marthas in their own way). We do however, have an exciting new partnership with a poet I respect and admire to be announced officially in the coming weeks which is going to rock your world... or at least get you to come to a few more live events.

Stay tuned.

Phil Brown
Poetry Editor


  1. Jeepers - Bernard O'Donoghue?? Wow I'm impressed. He is one of my favourite poets. I saw him read a few years ago in Oxford - it must be about eight or nine years ago and yet I can remember him in great detail as if it was last week and I can't quote the poems he read out but I remember their stories still.

  2. Can I get the lyrics to this song please?? I think it's really inspiring!