Saturday, 23 July 2011

Poetry Society EGM Reflections

Following yesterday's historic and fraught meeting of the Poetry Society's Board of Trustees and some of its members, many fine people have felt compelled to write on the topic. I shall attempt here, to compile all the relevant responses so that the various opinions can be easily sourced.

  1. Jane Holland - A New Dawn for the Poetry Society
  2. George Szirtes - The Poetry Society: What Have We Learned
  3. Christine Michael - Dysfunction, disharmony, dissarray
  4. Jon Stone - But Can't We All Just Get Along
  5. Richard Fair - The Poetry Society EGM
  6. Kate Fox - Why being bored on a Board is a Good Thing
  7. Stephen Bates - Guardian Article
  8. Charlie Ashley-Roberts - #posocegm (poem)
  9. Polly Clark - Poetry Society EGM
  10. Michelene Wandor - Prêt à poetry in the Surgeons’ Hall 
  11. Katy Evans-Bush - #PoSocEGM: The Post-Mortem
  12. Fiona Moore - Counting: Poets, Butterflies
  13. Rob Sharp - Article for The Independent (with open 'Comments' section)
  14. Niki May Young - Article for Civil Society Finance

Please do let me know if I've missed any out or if new ones pop up that you want added into the list.

Phil Brown
Poetry Editor


  1. Thanks for flagging up my post, Phil, and also for calmly putting up with my 'jeers and catcalls', as Katy EB put it, right next to your ear all afternoon at the EGM.


  2. Those were the best jeers of my life

  3. Thanks, Phil, for collating all these - Michelene

  4. Thanks Phil, this is useful, especially as the mainstream press coverage has been weirdly in favour of bad decision-making, wasting money etc.

    You can add my blog if you like, I've now written several posts about all this, more than I meant to...


  5. Cheers Fiona, just added it now.


  6. Well done, Phil! Thanks for all the work.


  7. This is thorough, bringing together all the sources of information, so many thanks for that.

    Of the three major news stories dealing with this issue - poorly, as many seem to agree - the Independent alone has a space for comments and a quite a few are accruing so perhaps it's worth putting that link here too?

  8. This article notes and comments briefly on the background of the Board's chosen interim director: