Monday, 20 June 2011

Out With The Old | Introduction | It's time for us 'worms to moth

Regular readers may have noticed things have slowed down here at the Silkworms Ink. And you may be wondering, has the whizz grown bored of the shape of our sails? No. We have been exceedingly busy, but behind the scenes…

Silkworms 2.0. Is. Coming.

Since we launched Silkworms, over a year ago now, things have gone terribly well. The sheer quantity and quality of submissions we receive every week has led us to consider what more we can do, both for our writers and our readers. I won’t delve into the details of those considerations now, as we still have the nooks and crannies of our plans to pack tightly – although I will say, we are going bigger. And better. And soon.

So, until then, when we return to full flow, revamped and glorious, we will leave you with this last week of ‘the old way’ for you to masticate over slowly. I recommend nibbling.

Sayonara for now, and see you all soon. In conclusion, watch this space.

James Harringman

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