Friday, 1 April 2011

Wider Reading | Exclusive New Poem from Seamus Heaney

It is my great privilege today to bring you an exclusive new poem from Seamus Heaney himself, sent to us this morning by snail-mail from the Faber offices.
I see his contribution to Silkworms as a real endorsement from the old guard, pointing towards a new digital age where government expense-cuts cannot deter us from publishing the poetry we love.
The Expensive Scandal
Until the wrong is put to right
And moralistic justice served,
I shall not, can not, will not write
Of spades and berries and barley byre.
Until The Man re-slices the cake
And gives my indie friends a cut
And realises his artistic mistake
I shall not stand as poetry's sIut.
I hereby call a poetry strike,
Please hear me, cronies, heed my call.
Until there is a funding spike,
We'll not write a single word at all.
You shall not hear a peep from Seamus,
Until the Tories and Lib-Dems
Spread the funding far less shameless,
I've thrown my Nobel in the Thames.
-Seamus Heaney
(c) Silkworms Ink 2011

We would like to thank Heaney for contributing this work to us and for the good people at Faber for allowing us to publish it.


  1. Yes, very droll. I can guarantee you that your prosecution for libel, defamation and false advertising will be equally amusing.

    Adele Ashton
    Libel Lawyer, Russell Jones & Walker
    Representatives for Faber & Faber

  2. Ah, yes, RJW.

    I once applied for a job there, but I was unable to perform the compulsory smiley-arms-crossed pose during my employee photograph, so they fired me.

  3. Without Prejudice,


    Our lawyer is John Grisham. Need I remind you his books have sold over 250 million copies worldwide?


    Silkworms Ink

  4. Mr Grisham does not work for you. You will be hearing from us shortly.

    Steven Leibel
    The Offices Of Stephen Leibel
    Representatives of John Grisham
    35 North Chestatee St.
    Dahlonega, Georgia

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